Cadenheads‘ Campbeltwon Blended Malt 53.4 % abv


This one has been bottled directly from the cask in front of my eyes, even I could help holding the cask, dated and signed for me personally. Where to get that? Correct @ Whiskyship event in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

The nose: Fresh and fruity, pear, cherry and a little bit of gundpowder. Somewhat a spicy smell of a wet sheep or goat comes up. It meshes with burnt amonds. Somehow very complex, just all over new smells that I can't describe are popping in. Very interessting here is the difference of the smell between left and right nose hole you get. 

The palate: A little bit bitter, sour. 

The finish: Again very fruity, short but nice. 
Overall typically Campbletown, more Springbank, less Longrow a bit of Glenscotia and very few Hazelburn 

A fun story to add:
There was a relatively young guy who stole the cask for a while, but brought it back again. That was the most exciting story I have ever experienced in the middle of Lucerne.