Aberlour a'bunadh Batch 25 60.4 % abv

Nose: Orange, leatherpolish, citrus, lavender, sherry

Palate: Sweet, punches the tip of the tongue stays in the front area

Finish: Leather, sherry, dark berries

With a drop of water

Nose: More sherry and leather and bbq very pleasant although not to complex

Palate: Sweet and fires along the toungeside

Finish: Leather and …. jaws burning, takes a long easy-ride down


Aberlour NAS 54.6% abv (That Boutique-y)

Nose: Marzipan, red wine, bbq sauce, a bit one dimensional 

Palate: Sweet, harsch punch on the tongue, chili burning 

Finish: Berries, cherry, red berries

With some drops of water

Nose: Strong Fino style sherry, soj sauce, butterscotch

Palate: Sweet, softer an bit more oily and bitter

Finish: Again red berries, perhaps rose hips


Balvenie Double Wood 12YO 40% abv


Welcome to the world of Balvenie.

Nose: The double wood is fruity, malty, with a smell of ingwer and leather, mandarine, heavily sherried, PX or Oloroso, oak wood, vanilla

Palate: Sweet on the palate

Finish: orange, not very long but pleasant

An all day dram per definition.  In a bulbous tumbler you get very nice scent of vanilla. Very suitable after a long hot summerday on the balcony at twilight with a dark blue sky when the first stars apearing. Slainte.


Benriach 16 YO 43% abv

Nose: Vanilla and hint of px sherry with bazooka bubble gum, ripe apple, fruitcake (apple, pear), tunnasandwich and floral notes

Palate: Sweet and strong in the front part of the mouth

Finish: Vanilla, caramel, hint of dark chocolate, stais in the jaws and less in the throat

With some drops of water

Nose: Herbal notes, and hay, wet wood full of seaweed, something chemical but not clear what it is 

Palate: Sweet and oily, still quite punchy on the tongue, less in the jaws 

Finish: Vanilla and some bbq notes with herbs

For a 43% abv single malt very pleasant and well crafted. The wood has done a very good job.


BenRiach 17YO 55.1 % abv Virgin Oak

This is the Batch 4 Bottling 1996 Single Cask Virgion Oak Barrel No. 7966, bottle 53/361 from Best Taste Trading

Nose: Vanilla, green oak and burnt sugar, slight smell of glue, honey wax

Palate: Sweet and sweet on the tongue

Finish: Honey and oak, short

With a little water:

Nose: Less woody and more honey, maybe some soy with furniture polish

Palate: Sweet and very slightly bitter, a little more oily

Finish: Clearly furniture polish and a little garlic, the finish is longer.