Balvenie Double Wood 12YO 40% abv


Welcome to the world of Balvenie.

Nose: The double wood is fruity, malty, with a smell of ingwer and leather, mandarine, heavily sherried, PX or Oloroso, oak wood, vanilla

Palate: Sweet on the palate

Finish: orange, not very long but pleasant

An all day dram per definition.  In a bulbous tumbler you get very nice scent of vanilla. Very suitable after a long hot summerday on the balcony at twilight with a dark blue sky when the first stars apearing. Slainte.


BenRiach 17YO 55.1 % abv Virgin Oak

This is the Batch 4 Bottling 1996 Single Cask Virgion Oak Barrel No. 7966, bottle 53/361 from Best Taste Trading

Nose: Vanilla, green oak and burnt sugar, slight smell of glue, honey wax

Palate: Sweet and sweet on the tongue

Finish: Honey and oak, short

With a little water:

Nose: Less woody and more honey, maybe some soy with furniture polish

Palate: Sweet and very slightly bitter, a little more oily

Finish: Clearly furniture polish and a little garlic, the finish is longer.


Benriach swiss edition 17YO 53.4% abv

I bought this one at a local store in Himmelried (JBB Borer Getränke). I was extraordinary surprised by this one, what a PX expression.

Nose: What a PX opening, dark chocolate, raisins, a lot of dark fruits, fermented gras

Palate: sweet, slight bitter, hefty punch, but comes quite fast down and is easy to swallow

Finish: Ah again dark chocolatte with a clear cask influenced wooden note.


Benromach Peat Smoke 46% abv

Nose: Peat, fresh fruity peat, not like Islay malts

Palate: Little bitter and sweet

Finish: Harsh peat, quick and not realy there

Anyway, I like it. Many thanks Dan.


Braes of Glenlivet 1989 23YO 55.4% abv

The Braes of Glenlivet (aka Braeval) is from Cask no 961 comes from the independent bottler Mr. Whisky, Germany

The nose is extremely nutty, and fino or oloroso sherry, also little almond.

The palate is sweet, oaky, oily.

The finish is again with a lot of sherry and hay.