Arran (SMWS 121.65) 14YO 58.3% abv.

Nose: Sandalwood, grapefruit, furniture poilish, red berries

Palate: Sweet, mouth-drying

Finish: Red grapefruit

With a drop of water

Nose: Oiled leather, shoe polish

Palate: Sweat, pleasant mouth watering, oily

Finish: A well oiled baseball glove :)


Arran (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) 49.1% abv.

Nose: Very little cementit (or uhu) glue with almonds, old sneakers

Palate: Slightly bitter, rushes quickly into the tongue and stays there for a long time

Finish: Rather short but stays still in the tongue


Arran 16 YO Bourbon, Sherry 46% abv.

Nose: Vanila and slight glue, nice sherry influence, red berries


Palate: Bitter and punchy on the tongue, bit watery in the end sweet

Finish: Vanilla and a bit short, chest warming

With a drop of water

Nose: More Sherry and Vanilla a hint of metalic, a bit floral

Palate: Softer with only 3 drops, more oily now, bitter-sweet

Finish: Still short but nice vanilla, sherry combination


Arran Batch 2 12YO 53.6% abv

Arran ex Lochranza is a prosperous and very active distillery what produces very sofisticated well crafted spirits.

Nose: Fruits and butterscotch, caramel

Palate: Sweet and strong.

Finish: Short but nice

With a teaspoon of water added

Nose: White chocolate, fruits caramel and buterscotch (even stronger)

Palate: Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Finish: Longer and warming.

Perfect with that bit of water.

Arran Machrie Moor 46% abv

This is the 3rd edition of the Machrie Moor, it was released 2012 and is the peated Arran Malt with a pale color.

Nose: Peat, seaweed, some almond is also there.

Palate: Sweet and little sour, punchy.

Finish: Peaty, smokey, middle-long and salty with seaweed.

With a teaspoon of water added.

Nose: More almond or other nuts not that peaty anymore.

Palate: Only sweet and easy

Finish: Somewhat chemical, no smoke, no peat.

Not the usual Arran, I hope our casks wil be a very nice one as it is also a mix of peat and sherry.