Kilchoman 100% Islay Release 50% abv

Nose: A wild piece of peat with lemon peel, medicinal and grain.

Palate: It draws sharp, sweet in the tongue and cheeks

Finish: grain, grain, grain.

With a little water

Nose: it becomes softer and changes from lemon peel to lemon. Adding a little more water brings out pear. In no case should you add more water. 2 teaspoons are enough.

Palate: Acid comes into play on the tongue side, so it is perfect. Easy, a tiny bit of sharpness in the front of the mouth.

Finish: Sweet grains give a great mouthfeel and are pleasant to the nose. Even more water is like beer and very long.

The best is 2 teaspoons of water, because you have fun in the glass.