Kilchoman Spring 2010 Release 46% abv

Mmmmmh very good, this Whisky corresponds very much to my own view.

In the nose fine peaty, salty on the palate, you even smell the sea with its spray at the coast side. Fresh seaweed mixed with fruits. The result is very impressive for such a young malt.

I also smell the wood and it smells very good. Subtle caramel notes are also coming through.

The water slide of the bathing establishment Aqua Basilea with a little chlorine apears also a little bit.

When you add water you get the nose of a soapstone heater.

The mouthfeel is still peat but not that strong anymore. The salt has gone. As there is no bitterness to it, it stays very pleasant.

The finish is very short. No burning throat, no heat in the chest, just easy.