Adelphi Breath of Islay 14YO 57.7% abv

A very pleasant Whisky if you add a drop or two water to it. Should be a 100 proof. The abv is confirming at least. Actually very fruity for a Lagavulin and has a smokey note apearing as well. I would recommend this bottle.

Nose: I got citrus and grapes and fruits with smoke.

Finish: Predominately somkey, peaty but pleasantly long.

If you add up to 30% water to it is still good drinkable without killing everything. For my a very surprising experience.


Adelphi Liddesdale (Bunnahabhain) 21YO 46% abv

Nose: Even at a distance I smell sherry or red wine here, later there is heather and then soap with peat smoke. Although an Islay, peat is not the main topic here, only an accompaniment.

Palate: It is tender and sweet, yet it leaves a furry tongue.

Finish: The finish has a lot of sherry in it and something like tomato with aniseed or fennel.

With a little water
Nose: It becomes much fruity and smells like bitter orange jam

Palate: it becomes a little bitter

Finish: water adds something wooden and warms the breast extremely.

All in all a great whisky, certainly not too cheap.
Cheers Ruedi


Adelphi Liddesdale 18YO Batch 1 (Bunnahabhain) 46% abv

Did you seek that note? Here is mine: A wonderful red / brown colour leads to somewhat E150 coloured Whisky, but no it is not… As well not chill filtered and bottled at 46% abv. That is how we like it. Its viscosity is black gold. You see the pearls running down the glas very smoothly.

Nose: Somewhat artificial sherry is apearing in the nose, but there is also liquorice with nuts. Herbal candy potentially «RICOLA», famous swiss herbal candy, burnt rubber after a racing start…. After about two minues a wonderful sherry wine is apearing.

Palate: After 18 seconds on the tongue you get a sharp taste and sweetnes is the main impression.

Finish: The finish starts warming the chest after about 5 seconds and suddenly vanishs away.

After the second tase you get somewhat bitterness but only in the background. If you just hold it short in the mouth and swallow it down, the finish gets even longer and warms the chast far longer than before. Bottles of this one are getting more and more expensive over time.


Ardbeg (Adelphi) 11YO (1998) 58% abv.

Nose: Phenolic peat, wet wood, bonfire, citrus

Palate: Sweet, easy, not to alcoholic

Finish: Old waxed furniture with citrus

With a drop of water

Nose: Oil paint, turpentine, morass wood

Palate: Sweet, bit bitter

Finish: Little peat


Ardbeg 8YO SMWS 33.120 58.5% abv.

Nose: Bonfire Peat smoke, Vanila, Honey

Palate: Sweet, punchy, burns like hell, already oily

Finish: Flip-flops up the chimney

With a drop of water

Nose: Somewhat petrol station

Palate: Sweet and oily 

Finish: To hot burnt sugar, caramel