Ballechin #3 Port cask matured 46% abv

A fine peated Highland Single Malt. Smells like an old leather bag with hints of salty notes. My father had an old treasure chest where he stored oriental carpets, once in a year at least he opened this chest and this smell was nearly what I experienced just a few minutes ago. There is also a soft rose perfume in it.

After a sip there is also a hint of hemp in it as the herbal part of this Whisky. With a soft finish there is some peat left on the tongue in the mouth (over 50ppm) The Ballechin series is the peated experiment of the smallest distillery in Scotland called Edradour.

Had the last drop in 2021, some additional notes on it:

Color is light amber, in the nose some smoke and port although I do not exactly have a comparison to port wines. Little but sharp caramel is coming up and again an old wooden pirate-chest, very herbal, but can't tell exactly what, perhaps some oregano. Quite agressive mouthfeeling, burns right from the start.

Going easy down and there is a herbal peat somke there.

The finish is not very long, but rather keeps the mouthfeel left with peat.

Thats it, nothing left and yes it was a nice journey with it.