Kilkerran WP6 46% abv

The Glengyle desitllery has been new re-opened after 60 years and presents work in progress. This one is number 6 in Sherry Wood and has no age statement but could be 10 years old.

It is unchill filtered and has no color added.

Nose: Not sure what sherry it is but for sure no px and no oloroso, dark chocolate, dates, plums and gingerbread and a hint of smoke

Palate: Sweet, strong.

Finish: Again a hint of smoke, not too long but well balanced, some nuts

With a teaspoon of water added

Nose: More smoke and gingerbread

Palate: Very soft and still a lot of sweetness

Finish: Smoke but very watery now. So there is no need to add water to this one.


Kilkerran WP7 46% abv

Nose: Has somewhat oloroso but is very craft spirit

Palate: Punchy, sweet

Finish: Long and craft, very campletown.

That one is happy with a teaspoon of water added

Nose: some smoke and sherry

Palate: Soft and sweet

Finish, still there, not so long anymore but fair and ok

Springbank 12YO 52% abv. (SMWS 27.102)

The description tells us something curious: A roasting tin deglazed with port. Was for 12 Years in a 1st fill Sherry Hogshead.

Nose: The description is not to bad when it comes to a roasting tin and the port is also there. You miss definitively the Sherry.

Palate: Sweet, little bitter, but again sweet.

Finish: Port is a little coming up, very warming and long, burns the whole stomack down.

For sure there needs to be added some water.

Nose: No big change but just less of all.

Palate: Still sweet but easy, not much bitterness is there.

Finish: The tin gets now far more present and the mouth is dryed out.

Actually one teaspoon is enough, two do not add more flavour.

Springbank CV 46% abv

 Pured fresh in the glass

Nose: Smells like citrus, but some time later it is like a sour cat piss or is it more ginger? Ok it is ginger and it is also like a small water in heavenswamp (Himmelried) in spring. And there is also a little orange.

Palate: It gets a little sharp and sort of bitterness is there too. The malt is "geerdet" .near the earth and is perfect for the month.

Finish: Is easy and not to long, but clean.

This one is not for beginners.