Glen Scotia 18YO Sherry Hogshead (Hart Brothers) 54% abv

Yes, yes. A friend of mine told me there is something wrong with the cask (First Filled Sherry Hogshead). Ok the whisky is very dark, been 18 years in the cask. It has even something green in it. Perhaps the cask was used for holding bullets with gunpowder. Somehow the whisky smells like this.

In the Nose: Very sharp, no vanilla, mainly wood, gunpowder, where is the sherry?

Somehow it brings the times back when there were to many destilleries in Campbeltown. Known that there was to much of this stuff in a more poore quality than today. But for me it is a like. A little bit of the hard side of scotch. After going down the throat it stays at the side of the tounge. Going down to 22 % vol the smell is more subtile but the smoke stays.