Cadenheads‘ Campbeltwon Blended Malt 53.4 % abv


This one has been bottled directly from the cask in front of my eyes, even I could help holding the cask, dated and signed for me personally. Where to get that? Correct @ Whiskyship event in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

The nose: Fresh and fruity, pear, cherry and a little bit of gundpowder. Somewhat a spicy smell of a wet sheep or goat comes up. It meshes with burnt amonds. Somehow very complex, just all over new smells that I can't describe are popping in. Very interessting here is the difference of the smell between left and right nose hole you get. 

The palate: A little bit bitter, sour. 

The finish: Again very fruity, short but nice. 
Overall typically Campbletown, more Springbank, less Longrow a bit of Glenscotia and very few Hazelburn 

A fun story to add:
There was a relatively young guy who stole the cask for a while, but brought it back again. That was the most exciting story I have ever experienced in the middle of Lucerne.




Glen Scotia 18YO Sherry Hogshead (Hart Brothers) 54% abv

Yes, yes. A friend of mine told me there is something wrong with the cask (First Filled Sherry Hogshead). Ok the whisky is very dark, been 18 years in the cask. It has even something green in it. Perhaps the cask was used for holding bullets with gunpowder. Somehow the whisky smells like this.

In the Nose: Very sharp, no vanilla, mainly wood, gunpowder, where is the sherry?

Somehow it brings the times back when there were to many destilleries in Campbeltown. Known that there was to much of this stuff in a more poore quality than today. But for me it is a like. A little bit of the hard side of scotch. After going down the throat it stays at the side of the tounge. Going down to 22 % vol the smell is more subtile but the smoke stays.



Hazelburn 12YO 46% abv

This is the lightest of the Springbank ones, Tripple distilled, no artifical color added and non chill filtered.

Nose: Somewhat nutty, butterscotch, caramel.

Palate: Sweet, burns a little, but softens

Finish: Easy, not to long and still sweet with caramel

With a teaspoon of water added

Nose: Fresh fruits, dark fruits, herbs and butterscotch

Palate: Sweet, just a little bitter, no burning at all

Finish: Again the fruits and gets a little longer



Hazelburn 8YO Sauternes Wood 55.9% abv

What a color, red wine and bernstein was 5 years in a refill bourbon and 3 years in a Sauternes cask.

Nose: A strong cask influence as expected the wine cask has a lot done, strong wooden influence.

Palate: Sweet and oily

Finish: Long and wine cask as strongest priority.

With a teaspoon of water added

Nose: Balanced out, the main influence has gone:

Palate: Still sweet and very oily, gets stronger on the tongue

Finish: Prickling on the tongue and wine cask again

Very strong stuff, have a lot of fun with it.

Hazelburn 9YO, 57.9% abv

Quite a lite color it was 6 years in a bourbon and 3 years in a Barolo cask.

Nose: Soft butterscotch, bisquit style, very little wine influence more oakwood influence and very little almond

Palate: sweet and bitter

Finish: Now the wine cask finish apears but is not strong, quite short

With a teaspoon of water added

Nose: more wine cask influence and a bit vanilla, i think the bourbon cask has the most influence here, orange-marmalade.

Palate: oily, more bitter, lite on the tongue, but also bit "pelzig" (furry).

Finish: mostly vanilla, and also oak.