Hello you malty malt maniacs, would be a very well known nice greating from Ralfy. I am very impressed about the Whisky Reviews of Ralfy, very comprehensive and allways with a hint of jokes or at least fun.

This week I tried every whisky chewing like chewing gum but swirling it also around my teeth.Wow what an experience, i found out, that if you have the malt in your mouth more than double of the age it has as years in seconds and your saliva added as much as possible, then let it down your throat it is full-bodied as it arives in your stomach. What an experience, you would not miss every dram.

Merry x-mas 2021

Merry x-mas 2021, keep safe and healthy!!

Big Peat blended malt

My general tasting notes

My general tasing notes are my impressions, they depend soley on me. Influences are mood, daytime, condition I have and some experience from more than 20 years. 

It can change allways and it is only a momentum of that day I wrote the notes. 

Have fun with it.

Sincerely yours,

Philipp Schaub

My Solera projects

Ralfy tells us about the Solrea what it is about, have a look

I tried it now with two not that good ones to start off and added 5 others. Now it is a blend.

The real thing is, if you pour yourself a dram you fill it up with other stuff and write it on the bottle.

Here is what I did:

I took a Säntis Malt 7,5 cl (Swiss Highlander from Appenzeller Bier brewery) and a little special Glen Scotia 18 years Sherry Hogshead 54% reduced to 40.5% 10cl. Both were not the best in my opinion and added 8cl. Dalmore 12 years 40%, 8cl. Oban, 14 years 43%, 8cl. Highland Park 12 years 40%, 8cl. Springbank 15 years 46% and 8cl. Glenfiddich, 2012 special reserve 40%. The result was a very adequate blend.

I tell you before you drain a whisky and you must know I did this once (read an earlier article of mine), begin a Solera Project by yourself. Thank you very much Ralfy you made my day.

My next Solera Project will be a peated one!