Craigellachie 22 Yo, 50% abv.

This Craigellachie is a independent bottling from Hunter Laing (Old Malt Cask series).
It is non chill filtered and no color added.
Official Notes are, Nose: Caramel, ripe berries and red apples. Palate: Toffee, milk chocolate and lemons. Finish: Long and warming with lingering oak.

And that is what I can write about it.

Nose: Caramel, vanilla, honey, almond for sure apples but do not know what type. The alcohol bites quite strong still at this 50% abv. After some smelling you get so used to it, that somehow the starting smells are disapearing. But you can also smell some pine tree crust, and coming far a little bit grapefruit.

Palate: A little sweet, very hard sharp alcohol on the tounge but vanishing during chewing.

Finish: Little bitterness combined with apples, easy going and quite lasting more at the other end of the tounge than in the chest.

Adding one teaspoon of water to it opens it up with more apple and pears in the nose and more pine is coming through the finish, you get also a little of the tanin feeling and now it is warming nicely in the chest. Let's add 3 more teaspoons to it and give it a try. The mist is showing up and adds somewhat green color to it. You now get fresh cut grass in the nose and a little lemon smelll as well. Very easy now on the palate, no more strong alcohol and the finish is just small and gentle.