This malt is promising sweetness already in the Nose. Sharp bites in the beginning very fruity. Malty and price – performance is quite ok. I would call this one an all day malt. You can also offer this one to nice colleagues. On the palate this one is quite smooth, nice and has a middle long finish. 12 years, 12 seconds chewed makes this malt very palatable.

This one is from Thomas Ide's The Whisky Chamber from Rheinfelden Germany. Comes from a smal octave Port cask.

Nose: Immediately port wine grapes or other dark fruits come up the nose, somewhat also clear plastic glue, perhaps also hay perfume.
Palate: Very sweet on the tongue but bites quite strong.
Finish: Again strong port wine.

This one has a strong body and can take some water.
With a teaspoon of water added.
Nose: The nose gets even stronger with port and a lot more glue.
Palate: Sweet and easyier, much easier.
Finish: Still port but not that punchy anymore.

I believe it can hold up much more water.
A very nice craft Whisky, I like very much.
With two teaspoons it is perfect drinkable.

This malt is a non-age-statement (NAS) without colour added in a very bulgy bottle. That is the case why that one apreas darker. The tasting notes on the bottle explains what is in it. I just can ad a sweet plum. This one from the Speyside is a cheep beginner Whisky without edges. On the palate very sweet and vanilla like. The finish is quite short dry and vanilla is apearing again. In the nose later you smell the wood pleasantly. Somehow I smell the wood of a cabine in the tree when it rains. The price is ok for a beginner Whisky. This is a Whisky that suits the spring season.

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