Welcome to the world of Balvenie. The double wood is sweet, fruity, malty, with a smell of ingwer and leather in the nose. Sweet on the palate and you get orange in the finish. An all day dram per definition. The finish is not very long but pleasant. Years later (2016) I can give the folowing notes: The nose starts with scent of mandarine that gets sweeter and heavily sherried. I would say a sweet type of sherry like Pedro Ximenez or Oloroso. You get the oak wood as well with a lot of vanilla. In a bulbous tumbler you get very nice scent of vanilla. Very suitable after a long hot summerday on the balcony at twilight with a dark blue sky when the first stars apearing. Slainte.

You do not miss hte peat-smoke in the nose and it a fresh fruity peat. Not typically like well known Islay malts. You get the smoke directly also on the palate and swallowing it down begins harsh but loses it over time. That is what you absolutely miss in the finish. So to say there is nearly nothing in the finish, it is a little bit disapointing when you expect a lot what the nose promises. Anyway, I like it. Many thanks Dan.

This Craigellachie is a independent bottling from Hunter Laing (Old Malt Cask series).
It is non chill filtered and no color added.
Official Notes are, Nose: Caramel, ripe berries and red apples. Palate: Toffee, milk chocolate and lemons. Finish: Long and warming with lingering oak.

And that is what I can write about it.

Nose: Caramel, vanilla, honey, almond for sure apples but do not know what type. The alcohol bites quite strong still at this 50% abv. After some smelling you get so used to it, that somehow the starting smells are disapearing. But you can also smell some pine tree crust, and coming far a little bit grapefruit.

Palate: A little sweet, very hard sharp alcohol on the tounge but vanishing during chewing.

Finish: Little bitterness combined with apples, easy going and quite lasting more at the other end of the tounge than in the chest.

Adding one teaspoon of water to it opens it up with more apple and pears in the nose and more pine is coming through the finish, you get also a little of the tanin feeling and now it is warming nicely in the chest. Let's add 3 more teaspoons to it and give it a try. The mist is showing up and adds somewhat green color to it. You now get fresh cut grass in the nose and a little lemon smelll as well. Very easy now on the palate, no more strong alcohol and the finish is just small and gentle.


Never heard of that independant bottler from Germany in Berlin. This one is from a refill Sherry cask and is unchill-filtered and has natural color. The color is bernstein and the pearls come up after about 30 to 50 seconds and are producing the legs very slow. Nose: Is not typical Sherry, but a very old cask comes up. Palate: Sweet, very burning on the tongue, just a little bitter Finish: Very long and heart warming and again that bitterness With a teaspoon water. Nose: Stil the same but more flat, some soap smell is apearing. Palate: Sweet, a little easier. Finish: Getting shorter but not that bitter anymore Thanks a lot Anja for that one. Very appreciated present from you.

Mmhh, for 35 Euros. Unbeleivable.

What is it? A Glenfarclas? Do not know. But the color is beautiful.

The nose is a little chocolate, very much orange (more than glenmorangie), caramel, little leather, some pepperminty medicine, yes all in all very complex. Congratulations. I will buy not only one of those!!
The palate is sharp on the tongue, sweet and oily.
The finish is a real sherrybomb, wow and caramel, warming an long lasting.

Very impressive for that price!

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