Arran ex Lochranza is a prosperous and very active distillery what produces very sofisticated well crafted spirits.

Nose: Fruits and butterscotch, caramel
Palate: Sweet and strong.
Finish: Short but nice

With a teaspoon of water added
Nose: White chocolate, fruits caramel and buterscotch (even stronger)
Palate: Sweet, sweet, sweet.
Finish: Longer and warming.

Perfect with that bit of water.

This is the 3rd edition of the Machrie Moor, it was released 2012 and is the peated Arran Malt with a pale color.

Nose: Peat, seaweed, some almond is also there.
Palate: Sweet and little sour, punchy.
Finish: Peaty, smokey, middle-long and salty with seaweed.

With a teaspoon of water added.
Nose: More almond or other nuts not that peaty anymore.
Palate: Only sweet and easy
Finish: Somewhat chemical, no smoke, no peat.

Not the usual Arran, I hope our casks wil be a very nice one as it is also a mix of peat and sherry.

 A liitle bit sweet maltiness and sour in the nose, no peat but somehow fresh-cut gras is coming up. Additionally fresh fruits mainly prune and plum and little bit of ginger.
In the palate very hot and a little bit bitter but also very malty and oily.
The finish is vanishes fast and is not prikling long on the tongue. After a minute you get wood on the palate.
For sure an all-day dram but I miss the glorified peatiness.


Ralfy Mitchell: Highland Park 12 Yo
Ralfy Mitchell: Highland Park 12 Yo (Re-Review)


This one has been in a franconian barrique and has been finished in a Acolon wine cask. Its color is dark amber and its not been chill filtered nor has been color added.

Nose: Peat and pears as well as grapes from the winecasks.
Palate: Bitter and punchy
Finish: More in the chops than in the throat.

With a teaspoon water added to it
Nose: Again peat and less of the other fruits
Palate: Softer, but still bitter
Finish: Now going down the throat and no more that present in the chops.

II like that try, not too peaty but very present.

Single Cask No 800039, 293 Bottles, Bourbon Hoggie, unchill filtered and uncolored. Guess by yourself, the color is so pale it is almost clear. That is how we like it. Nose: Fresh fruits and peat, peach, butterscotch. Palate: Sweet and bitter, quite soft for that much abv. Finish: Down and gone, with little peat in the throat. With a teaspoon of water added Nose: Still fresh fruits not that much peat anymore. Palate: More bitterness and oily. Finish: Punchy in the chops and on the tongue, nothing in the throat first but begins to warm after 20 seconds. A very surprising malt for that young age. I got that one from (Michael Reckard) an independant bottler who provides very good stuff with very fair prices. Just added two more teaspoons of water to it and it is perfect to drink.

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