Just to make it clear, a single malt is not only from one cask but rather vatted from different casks. This one has a lot to offer mainly peat and not to little either constituted of peat. You get a lot of somke and peat in the nose that nearly no other note comes out of the glass. It aprears also very strong at 54.2 abv. I get also a salty somked fish on the palate and in the nose or better to say a spicy smoked saussage. The finish is rather sweet, very peaty and lingering long. A very nice drop. Slàinte mhath.

I have never bought such a cheap one litre bottle Whisky. Around 40 swissies in Denner. The nose is not that accentuated but nevertheless pleasant. The tartness is not that emphasized and the shery cask has nevertheless got a strong influence. A round texture of a Whisky to sip after a hard working Monday. Has not more but 40% abv but is enough for an enjoyable dram.

This 13 year old Bowmore is aproaching very nicely.

In the nose you get sweet plums, no smoke, very fresh varnished, turpentine is coming up. In the palate full-bodied and pleasant. The finish is very long and leaves a deaf tounge and fruits are coming back to the Nose.
As this one is straight from the cask, you will not get it again.
I got this one as birthday present from my office colleagues. Thank you very much again to you all, especialy to Anita. She did a direct hit.

A very smooth typicall Sherry nose. There are hints of blackberries, a little ananas, and some medicinic vanilla.

Sweet on the tongue and a fine smoth finish. Nothing to add anymore. This one is not a must have, but a bottle is worth it.

From dusk til dawn… has not to do a lot with this Bowmore. Somewhat mushroom coated wood, unfortunately I do not know how a portwine tastes. Anyway there is the nose of a mouldy cask. A little bit of cat piss and caramel. The nose vanishes very fast. The reason for this can be the abv. Almond paste and camphor balls come to my mind. On the tongue very sharp and the cask apears again from the bottom through the nose. Good that the just expressed smell disapears very fast. The finish is lingering long and the mandatory little burb adds again the smell. Some cat piss stays in the mouth… Not a dram for everybody. This whisky is somewhat devilish, actualy what is left after the angels have taken their share.

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