Monster! Sweet smokey peat. But very closed due to the 59.9 % vol. Very little cassis and vanilla in the nose shows a cold soap stone oven. Only sweet on the tongue with smoke, smoke, smoke. The peat stays on the tongue in the back end. Beneath those two smoke and peat and little vanilla I can not find much more. So not very complex but very, very fine. This one is also not very agressive but comes through the blood in the brain and you feel your red chops.

Thank you very much Martin for this example.

Yesterday at the Whiskyship Lucern I liked the Octomore Orpheus basicly very well. It cannot hide that it lasted only in a bourbon cask. The abv. Is nearly killing you, but keeps the tounge in a good mood. The peat part is not so strong in the finish but if you breath out you can smell it very strong. The winenote is the very interessting part of this Octomore. Not sure if and when I would open and enjoy my Octomore 2 140.
Update March 2012, World Whisky Day, later in the day, water added, beginning of summertime and now it smells like liquorice mixed with Pulmex lotion and a ash-tray. Just suberb what you get out of this malt. Do not miss to add water to this malt!!. IMHO this malt is unbeatable. I do not know what complex realy means in Whisky terms, but I can imagine now with that example.
Update June, 2014, I am an Idiot!!!. All who read this lines know why, its been affordable by the time I bought that one. And yes I opened the bottle. I have now left 40cl of this bottle. Just google how much you would pay for it nowadays. The share performing on a stock exchange gives a shit about it. I paied around 140 to 160 swissies for that one.

A single casks Port Charlotte, one of 298 Bottles.

Nose: Very young and closed, not that much peat a lot of herbal notes
Palate: Sweet, and not that harsh for that abv.
Finish: Somewhat peat but still easy.
Seams very dangerous that abv with that softness.

With a teaspoon water added
Nose: Give em time to settle, hmm cant say more than before
Palate: Sweet and easy. That is dangerous!
Finish: Now more warming and little longer

Lets push a lot water in it and see.
Still easy on the nose, but now on the tongue you get a hit!
The finish is now showing a lot more up.

The Port Charlotte of Bruichladdich is predicted to be vatted and bottled like the time Port Charlotte was on its own. I cannot judge this as this was my first PC. I will come to the tasting notes at a later stage. Let me loose some words on this malt. But what I am writing? You do not need to loose words, but compose them. The leather is slued in seewed and dried with a peat fire. That is what I imagine a sea brise warmed by the sea where a smoker is standing as subduction. A little soap is also apearing. I nearly cannot describe the nose, but yes a cold ashtray in the morning after a party with a lot people smoking. On the tongue I feel like the ashtray has been cleaned with soap and then swirling that broth in the mouth. Fortunately the finish is very clean and lingering, not to long.

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