Yes, I know, again an Islay but I wanted to get to know the difference between peat and peat. Yes there are truely differences. Is an Ardbeg very pleasant is this one more the medicinal style and not to sweet at all. You will also get the leather strap in the nose and in comparision you will miss the bacon taste here. But anyway I would not use this one to clean the house. Yesterday I could use this one to clean my throat and what a wonder, today my throat was clean and my voice was clear. Hovever you do not need allways gurgle and swallow medicine that is over 40% abv. Medicine does not allways need to be bitter. It smelled like you warmed your hands over an open fire and then hold your hands under your nose. There is proven more smoke than peat present and it is allowed to be like this.

This one is one of the seldom 10 YO cask strenght whiskys. In standard bottling. Has E150 in it, guess why? There is no explanation why to add E150 to a CS whisky. Nose: Peatsmoke, bites in the nose, but has nothing left and cannot compete other whiskys. Palate: Sweet and oily Finish: Again peat perhaps a little seasalt. With a teaspoon water added. Nose: Some seaside flavours Palate: Oily, sweet and soft. Finish: Peat and sense of very round salty seaweed. At least very different than the standard 10 YO.

Bruichladdich very heavy peated = Octomore.

This one is the successor of the Octomore Orpheus. The nose is there even if you are three feet away... wow. The alcohol closes it completely so it has to be opened with water! After adding Water still very closed. Very difficult to define now. Perhaps I rewrite this article. But not today. Palate very dry but finish is a double touch, very interessting. You feel the finish twice. Never had this feeling.

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