Ok let us go into a special blend. Macallan / Laphroaig.

The nose is a sweet, peaty, earthy, wet moss. The palate is very sweet and again moss, very, very few bitterness and the finish is also long and makes you burp up. Very interessting is that your toungside is also embaraced with the sweetness.


Just say peat with a peatball in your mouth! It is like chubby bunny... oh sorry for that…

The name is the prohecy, peat, peat, sweet peat of mine. Smoke on the water is the perfect description for this dram. There is also an old rubberglove in the nose, ha, ha what a picture :-) Sweet herbal mint is coming to the nose too. Let me discrbe this vatted malt of Ardbeg (65%), Laphroaig (30%) and Bowmore (5%) like a breath-taking, tongue-killing, throat-blasting, breast-firing lord of darkness!

A very citric eye with a kick of peat wet rainy weather.

This one is very young and stormy. In the nose peat is very present. If you hold your nose 10 cm away from the glass you smell a very acid citrus chemical flavour. A little sweet wet sock makes place for sweet gampher. Some time later I smell the fresh mixed manure with fresh cut grass. Sweet and sharp on the tongue it goes into the tongue and leaves a numbness for about two minutes. It lasts and lasts for another two to three minutes. The finish is the first time short. The second nose is sweet herbs with a hint of wood and smoke. The second finish is again a little short, but very ok.

What to say this Islay has its own flavour. Somehow a rough Kilchoman.

Now I am watching a video about Islay while tasting this dram. It is a Kilchoman Machir Bay which consists of casks of 3,4 and 5 years. OK let's start The colour is citric nearly clear and produces the oily legs after about 15 seconds

Nose: A swallow of heavy peat fills the nose and sais hello, the second nose sais how are you, there is a lot of citrus and no sweetness.
Palate: Again peat in the mouth a prickle at the tip of the tongue
Finish: Peaty short finish.

With a teaspoon of water added
Nose: Nearly no difference to the first impression but softer,
Palate: The peat is no more on the tounge but rather in the throat and sits now in the middle of the tongue
Finish: Now not that short anymore This Kilchoman is very balanced and despite from the earlier releases already well matured.

Mmmmmh very good, this Whisky corresponds very much to my own view. In the nose fine peaty, salty on the palate, you even smell the sea with its spray at the coast side. Fresh seaweed mixed with fruits. The result is very impressive for such a young malt. I also smell the wood and it smells very good. Subtle caramel notes are also coming through. The water slide of the bathing establishment Aqua Basilea with a little chlorine apears also a little bit. When you add water you get the nose of a soapstone heater. The mouthfeel is still peat but not that strong anymore. The salt has gone. As there is no bitterness to it, it stays very pleasant. The finish is very short. No burning throat, no heat in the chest, just easy.

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