Bowmore as also its different taste styles, this one you can smell the grapes already. It smells like a old wine, somewhat sulfur like a burnt down «Vesuv» or a traditional swiss firework rocket, but also little sweetness comes up when you gently swirl it. The colour is nice red / brown. On the palate you get gently far more wine than sulfur. The finish is middle long and gently not to harsh.

This single malt is a mix of a light, middle and heavy peated Bruichladdich. At 46% abv. fairly sharp on the tounge. But you should taste it without water.
I already smell the peat and after the second sip there is a very long finish. I kept my mouth closed and felt the fire in the stomak very pleasant. This malt best fits on a rainy autumn day, better than in spring time. I also get some orange in the nose.
The dry peat on the spade of Mr. Campbell is still in this malt. Something old musty humid death smell apears out of the deep dark, diabolic beautiful.

Rocks color are pink-brown? No they are not but this malt is. The bottle states it is un-peated but a colleague told me that a Bruichladdich is never un-peated. You will never know what is realy in some molecules when you din't create them by yourself.

The smell is somehow maple-nut, fresh seaweed, greentea, aahh... it is like a rivulet with calta paulustris (kingcup / marsh marigold) and peat bog. After 5 to 10 minutes there comes the vanilla from behind.

After a dip there comes the cambhor ball... a little sharp on the tongue with a long finish warming the breast and coming back to the nose with something of wine…

Very interessting, somehow complex and somehow straight, I can not decide what but there is something that holds me tight on this spirit.

Bruichladdich Authentic Collection Selected and bottled by WM. Cadenhead Ltd., Campeltown, Argyll, Scotland
Distilled 1991, 19y old, 56.9 % abv.
Cadenheads own description:
Nose: This whisky is very nutty, full of marzipan and buttery nuts with a hint of salt.
Palate: A lovely oily whisky that coats your mouth nicely. Cream soda fizzing on the tip of the tongue with warm apple pie giving a lasting impression. Sherbet and Scottish shortbread in abundance.
Overall: A pretty whisky, greatly balanced with a nice long finish.
My additional comment:
Appearance: Light gold
With Water: Nose: Even more walnuts, more peat, however, still subtle; a whiff of cigarette ashes, a hint of stale apple cider, the alcohol more stringent
Palate: Cream on ends, sweet, more fizz, meaty and warming
Finish: Long and lingering: Agree with Cadenheads (Now, I am not the Islay aficionado - as you know - so that means a lot)

Author: Tiz

Heavy stuff! +64% abv, you can even add watter to it so that it sits at 44% abv, where this one is fairly drinkabale. Somehow interessing is that it has two finishes, one oily down the throat that burns strong and then the afterburner in the stomach.
Now let us get to the nose:
Somewhat lemony what you also see in the colour, there is yet salty humid sea breeze in it.
The palate is sweet on the tounge, sharp in the throat and then the finish a real hot experience.
Nice to expierence an Islay unpeated.

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