Glen Garioch 15 Yo, Batch No. 12, 56.7% abv.

Official bottle tasting notes of this Whisky are: Juicy and mouthwatering with a creamy mouthcoating texture. Spiced pear crumble, ripe banana and toffee are followed by honeydw melon, ground nutmeg and allspice.

Mine currently sitting at the balcony and enjoing the last sunrays are:

The nose: Dark fruits with a hint of dark chocolate, decent old read wine with some pepery note, very little marcipan, line oil and a hint of seaweed salty flavour, white wood glue mixed with an old wooden furniture piece or a old door of a artisanal shackdoor of a goat or swine stable. For me a Glen Garioch shoul have a typical nose similar to a Talisker that has also a very typical nose.

Palate: Sweet and very strong with the full abv.

Finish: More lighter red fruits resting more in the tounge first and then a little warming in the chest, gone after 30 seconds.

Adding two teaspoons of water and gently swirling, no shaky, shaky.

The nose: not very different than before but less pepper more malty, a little beer, perhaps now banana and a little vanilla and a little chemical (do not know what I smell).

The palate: Still sweet and still very strong.

The finish: Still extremely present on the tounge, less in the chest and again a strong wooden mouthfeel.

Why not adding even more water, like another 2 teaspoons (actualy I started with 4cl in the glass). Because the legs are getting oilier and it takes a longer time until they apear. In the nose you get more marcipan. And it gets far more gentle on the palate, so very drinkable now. The finish is getting a little longer.

Added one more teaspoon to get the mist in the glass. Nose is now citrus or orange, palate no more sharpness and finish still there.

Actually a very nice early summer dram. 



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