A very dark colored (natural) Oloroso Sherry Casks matured Whisky that is unchill filtered. Perls and legs are slowly showing up after about a minute. Nose: Chocolate, little leather, dark fruits but more the stoned fruits than berries. Palate: Sweet, bitter, very sharp on the tongue, mouth wattering Finish:Short, bitter, and a lot of oak casks is there With a teaspoon water added. Nose:Far more leather and the Sherry is apearing very nicely now, I remember when I could try that sort of Sherry beeing very creamy and oily Palate: Still sweet, not that strong anymore on the tongue Finish: Suddenly getting longer and a lot of dark bitter Chocolate is hitting me All in all a very good Whisky.

Earthy bourbon caramel sweet with two years in Spanish oloroso sherry casks give this dram a passable taste. The wood is very present in the nose and you can smell honey created candles too. There is also fresh pickled wood and of course marmalade.

Very sweet on the tongue it goes down the throat smooth and easy.

For sure a Whisky that also beginners can have their fun with.

Unfortunately I missed to write down the vol. of this whisky.At least it is natural color and unchill-filtered. Nose: The Pedro Ximenez is blasting through with a strong sherry nose. Some dark fruits Palate: Sweet, not so gentle. Finish: Long, and again dark fruits. With a teaspoon of water added. Nose: Old leather and grapefruit or blood orange. Palate: Very sweet and softer, very oily. Finish: Prickling on the part of the back part of the tongue. Not sure what is typical on Mortlachs, but colleagues are fan of them.

Sea salt should be included, is natural color and also unchill-filtered

Nose: Has somewhat beacon and seaweed
Palate: Sweet, salt and sharp, burns the tongue away
Finish: Salty caramel, quite long, breast warming and leaves a dry mouthfeel

With a teaspoon of water added
Nose: Perhaps a little bit fish
Palate: Now very soft and sweet
Finish: Again that caramel even longer and oly

This one is from Thomas Ide's The Whisky Chamber from Rheinfelden Germany. Was 11 years in a PX Sherry Barrel No. 725.

Nose: Soft sherry notes little orange but very little
Palate: Sweet, strong, bites
Finish: Long, and burning, nosewise not very different

Lets add some water
Nose: Still soft sherry, no more orange, perhaps a mediteranean seabreeze.
Palate: Sweet and nice on the tongue.
Finish: Oily and now the sherry comes in to the game.

For those of you who like tomatin it is quite classical.
Accepts also two teaspoons of water and is still drinkable.

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