Ben Nevis is the highest Mountain in Scottland, this one is from Signatory and has been bottled from the Single Sherry Butt no. 2908 and is Bottle no 535. Nose: As allways very typical untypical, has a slight cat piss nose, sorry for such an expression but I cannot name it correctly, perhaps terpentine is a better expression or to be honest ginger is the nearest match. Palate: Not that sweet, more bitterness and strong burning on the tongue. Finish: Pear and old mud hay. With a teaspoon of water. Nose:More gentle pear, butterscotch, banana, little terpentine Palate: Now sweeter and gentle, still slight burning. Finish: Pear and fresh tilled field That one is not for beginners for sure not.

I bought this one at a local store in Himmelried (JBB Borer Getränke). I was extraordinary surprised by this one, what a PX expression.

Nose: What a PX opening, dark chocolate, raisins, a lot of dark fruits, fermented gras

Palate: sweet, slight bitter, hefty punch, but comes quite fast down and is easy to swallow

Finish: Ah again dark chocolatte with a clear cask influenced wooden note.

Adelphi is one of my top favourite UB, the Fascadale is a awesome example of the quality casks they choose.

Nose: Fresh brownies, bit leather polish, seaweed, and every fresh sneeze it gets more and more complexity

Palate: Fills the thounge with sort of a feeling like ashes, but very sweet and you also get quite a punch.

Finish: Some nuts, or scampi and some smoke also is coming up.

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