Water in Whisky

What is it about adding water to Whisky?

It is not that difficult, but has a very delightfull effect. First you have to know what it means to have vol. % alcohol. This indication is a must have on every bottle that you can imagine how much water you can add a dram.

So let us start with 2 cl of Whisky, a straw and a glass of water:

- Find out how many times you need the straw to fill 2 cl.
- Calculate how much one straw means (btw I had 1/3 of the straw filled with water) in my experiment it was about 0.125 cl or it needed 16 times of the straw to fill 2 cl.
- Now take the % vol (ex 46% vol.) indicated by the bottle and divide it by 16 (or the amount of cl you have in the glass by the amount of cl you had using one straw) and you get a result of about 2.875 % vol.
- Take an example like this 46% vol. - 2.875 % vol. = 43.125 % vol. or at about 43% vol. after you added 1/3 part of a straw with water.

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